Start your Day With Sourdough Bread

There was once a time when bread was one of nature’s more wholesome and perfect foods, packed full of nutrients which our bodies could readily absorb. In the past 100 years, bread has become something manufactured on a large scale where fast production and low price became the driving forces of its evolution (or devolution), taking with it all its wholesome and health-filled qualities.
We are committed to bringing back the kind of bread perfected over the past several thousand years—wholesome and delicious.
Sourdough bread on the other hand, ferments all parts of the wheat (including the gluten!), making it a much more digestible and flavorful counterpart to what we typically find available in stores today. You can have faith that all bread here is leavened 50% with rye or white starter with no improver , and we don't even have a speck of commercial yeast in our sourdough!

Anjay Lukas