White  Bloomer 800g

 Muliseed Totpedo 800g

 Tiger bloomer 800g

 Cob 400g

Organic Batch 400g

Organic Tiger Cob 400g


Wholemeal Bread


Organic Bloomer 800g

Organic Cob 400g

Organic Batch 400g

Granary Bread


Organic Bloomer 800g

Organic Cob 400

Organic Batch 400g

Sourdough Bread  (Stone Baked)


Organic Sourdough Cob 800g

Organic Sourdough Multi Seed Cob 800g

Organc Sourdough Bloomer 800g

Organic Sourdough torpedo 400g

Organic Sourdough cob 400g

Organic Sourdough Cheese And Chilly Cob 400g

Organic Sourdough Olive and Fresh Rosemary 400g

Organic Sourdough Red Onnions And Fresh Rosemary 400g

Organic Sourdough Sun Dried Tomato And Herbs 400g

Organic Sourdough Beetroot 400



Sourdough Dinner Rolls ( Stone Baked)


Organic Sourdough  Rolls 60g

Organic Sourdough Sundried Tomato Rolls 60g

Organic Sourdough Black Olives Rolls 60g

Organic Sourdough Red Onions Rolls 60g

Organic Sourdough Beetroot Rolls 60g

Orydinary Rolls And Baps

(Rolls Are Stone Baked)


Organic White Rolls 60g

Organic White Rolls With Black Olives 60g

Organic White Rolls & Red Onions 60g

Organic White Rolls & Su Dried Tomato 60g

Organic White Rolls & Beetroot 60g

Organic White Baps 80g

Organic White Baps 100g


Organic Wholemale Prtite Rolls 60g

Organic Wholemale Petite Seeded Rolls 60g

Organic Wholemeale Baps 80g


Organic Granary Seeded Rolls 60g

Organic Granary Baps 80g


Organic English Muffin 80g





Organic Burger Bun 80g

Organic Burger Seeded Bun 80g

Organic Finger Roll 80g

Organic Dinner Roll 60g

Rye Bread (Stone Baked)


Organic Pure Rye 800g

Organic Caraway Rye 600g

Organic Multiseed Rye 600g

Organic Raisin & Carrot Rye  600g

Flavoured Bread Half Rye


Olive & Rosemary Cob 480g

Red Onions & Rosemary Cob 480g

Walnut & Cheese Cob 480g

Garlic and Rosemary Torpedo 400g

Sun Dried Tomato & Herbs Cob 480g

Country Multiseed Cob 480

Soda Bread


Organic Irish Soda 600g

Organic Fruit Soda 600g

Baguettes (Stone Baked)


Organic White Baguette 500g

Organic White Half Baguette 250g


Organic Sourdough Baguette 500g

Organic Sourdough Half Baguette 250g

Organic Sourdough Olives Baguette 250g



Bakewell Slice

Brownies Slice

Carrot cake Slice

Sticky Ginger Slice



Organic Spelt Bloomer 800g

Organic Spelt Cob 400g


Organic Spelt and Apple

Cob 400g



Plain Scone

Fruit Scone

Cheese Scone

Apple & Cinamon Scone

Ciabatta & Foccacia


Organic Ciabatta Loaf 400g

Organic Ciabatta Pnini 120g

Organic Ciabatta Pnini 100g

Organic Ciabatta Pnini 80g


Rosemary & Sea Salt Foccacia

Sun Dried Tomatto & Feta Foccacia

Olives & Rosemary Foccacia


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